Northern Plains

With the largest breeding program in North America and a focus on localized research, AgriPro is leading the development of superior wheat seed genetics. AgriPro wheat varieties consistently out-perform other varieties and offer growers best-in-class disease packages, leading agronomics, outstanding yields and high end-use quality. With genetic diversity from a broad pool of locally adapted genetics, you can select multiple varieties that are all top-performers in your geography.

2018 Syngenta performance data

Learn more about the high-performing AgriPro wheat varieties available in the Northern Plains.

Hard Red Spring
Brennan Balanced with High Yield and Protein
Jenna The Yielder with Protein
Kelby High Protein with Complete Agronomics
SY Ingmar Top Choice for Economic Return
SY Rockford Rock Solid Returns in the West
SY Rowyn The All-Around Performer
SY Rustler Return on Investment
SY Soren Stands Strong for Maximum Returns
SY Tyra Sawfly Tolerant Variety
SY Valda The Yield Warrior

PVPA 1994-Unauthorized propagation prohibited. Plant variety protection granted or applied for Syngenta cereals varieties.

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