Northern Plains

Harvest the Benefits of North America's Largest Wheat Breeding Program 

Commitment, Quality & Experience

Commitment, quality and experience are important characteristics. You look for these traits in your equipment dealer, chemical supplier and other business relationships. You should also demand these qualifications of your wheat seed company.

AgriPro has been developing wheat varieties for the northern plains for more than 30 years and is committed to bringing you locally grown, superior wheat genetics.

With 15 research locations, five demonstration sites and an Associates network across the northern plains, AgriPro has built the largest spring wheat breeding program in the country.

Each year our research team, led by breeder Joe Smith, makes up to 1,000 cross combinations and generates 50,000 F5 progeny lines in order to develop spring wheat varieties that excel in the northern plains.

AgriPro—improving wheat through commitment, quality & experience.

Hard Red Spring
AP604 CL High Quality CLEARFIELD* Variety
Brennan Balanced with High Yield & Protein
Freyr The Scab Fighter that Yields
Jenna The Yielder with Protein
Kelby High Protein with Complete Agronomics
Knudson High Yield - Broad Adaptation
Kuntz The Yielder that Stands
SY Rowyn The All-Around Performer
SY Soren New! AgriPro’s Highest Return Per Acre
SY Tyra Sawfly Tolerant Variety
SY605 CL High Performance and Disease Tolerance
Hard Red Winter
AP503 CL2 Control Grass Weeds Before They Overwinter
Art Agronomics and Disease Tolerance
Hawken High Performance Winter Wheat
Jagalene U.S. Winter Wheat Champion
SY Wolf The Heavy Residue Champion
Hard White
Alpine Hard White Spring Wheat

PVPA 1994-Unauthorized propagation prohibited. Plant variety protection granted or applied for Syngenta cereals varieties.

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