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Harvest The Benefits of AgriPro Wheat Varieties…

For more than a decade, AgriPro, a division of Syngenta Cereals, has been using state-of-the art technology—including double-haploids and molecular markers—to develop superior wheat varieties for the Pacific Northwest.

The Syngenta Cereals Research facility, located south of Cheney, Washington, is currently expanding its scope to include two new projects aimed at maximizing producer profitability—hybrid wheat development and research to explore specific interactions between Syngenta chemistry and wheat varieties.

SY Ovation Winter Wheat Variety Impresses in the PNW

SY Ovation, an AgriPro brand soft white winter wheat, is the first commercially available variety developed by Syngenta in the PNW using the advanced doubled haploid technology. Learn more about the development and first year results of SY Ovation by viewing the SY Ovation Performance Video.

To find out more, contact your local AgriPro Associate or Ed Driskill, Key Account Lead.

Hard Red Spring
AP604 CL High Quality CLEARFIELD* Variety
Bullseye Dark Northern Spring Wheat
Cabernet HRS for Intense Irrigation Management
Malbec Yield and Protein—Why not have both?
SY605 CL High Performance and Disease Tolerance
Hard Red Winter
AgriPro Paladin A Quality Plus* Hard Red Winter Wheat for the PNW
AP503 CL2 Control Grass Weeds Before They Overwinter
Whetstone Hard Red Winter Wheat
Soft White Winter
AP Badger Excellent Yield Potential & Very Short Height
AP Legacy Soft Winter Wheat
AP700 CL CLEARFIELD* Production System Soft White Winter Wheat
Legion Soft White Winter Wheat
SY 107 Second Doubled-Haploid Variety from the Syngenta Breeding Program
SY Ovation First Commercial Variety Developed in the PNW using Doubled-Haploid Technology
TriCal 102 Winter Forage Triticale
TriCal 103BB Winter Forage Triticale
TriCal 2700 Spring Forage Triticale
TriCal 336 Winter Forage Triticale
TriCal 718 Winter Forage Triticale
TriCal Merlin Awnless Triticale
TriMark 336 Winter Grain Triticale

PVPA 1994-Unauthorized propagation prohibited. Plant variety protection granted or applied for Syngenta cereals varieties.

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