Pacific Northwest

With the largest breeding program in North America and a focus on localized research, AgriPro is leading the development of superior wheat seed genetics. AgriPro wheat varieties consistently out-perform other varieties and offer growers best-in-class disease packages, leading agronomics, outstanding yields and high end-use quality. With genetic diversity from a broad pool of locally adapted genetics, you can select multiple varieties that are all top-performers in your geography.

Learn more about the high-performing AgriPro wheat varieties available in the Pacific Northwest.

Hard White
SY Teton High Yielding and Versatile Variety
Soft White Winter
AP700 CL CLEARFIELD* Production System Soft White Winter Wheat
SY 107 Second Doubled-Haploid Variety from the Syngenta Breeding Program
SY Assure Excellent Yield Potential
SY Banks Adapted for HWY 2 Dryland Production
SY Command Superior Performance in Dryland Regions
SY Dayton High Potential for Intermediate Rainfall
SY Ovation First Commercial Variety Developed in the PNW using Doubled-Haploid Technology
SY Raptor Consistent Performance Over Years

PVPA 1994-Unauthorized propagation prohibited. Plant variety protection granted or applied for Syngenta cereals varieties.

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