Southern Soft

Two Great Brands Have Joined Forces…

AgriPro® and COKER® have teamed up to bring you the unparalleled benefits offered by the largest wheat breeding program in North America. Your key to harvesting the benefits is your local AgriPro COKER Associate, a grower and certified seed professional.

Soft Red Winter
9700 "The Classic Early Wheat"
Arcadia "Deep South Performance"
Beretta "Delta Tough"
Branson "Performance Under Pressure"
Coker 9184 "Excellent Milling & Baking Quality"
Coker 9436 "Adaptation and Use"
Coker 9553 "Breakthrough Performance"
Coker 9804 "COKER Consistency"
Magnolia "Southern Brawn"
Oakes "Early Planting, Early Harvest"
Panola "Southern Bred, Southern Strong"
SY 9978 "New for 2012"
SY Harrison "The Next Level of Yield Performance”
W1104 "The All-Around Performer"
W1377 "The Heavyweight Performer"
W1566 "Double Play; Forage + Straw

PVPA 1994-Unauthorized propagation prohibited. Plant variety protection granted or applied for Syngenta cereals varieties.

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