Farmer Friendly

Hard Red Winter
Area of Primary Adaptation


CJ is an early-maturing, high-tillering variety that works as well in no-till as in conventional tillage. It has Hessian fly resistance and the best low pH tolerance available. CJ has a unique tolerance to leaf destroying bacterial infections that arise from wet conditions during grain fill. It is larger seeded, with more fall growth, than Art. CJ is an excellent choice with double crop soybeans.

Seed Guide(s) and Tech Sheet(s)


Plant Height:Medium Tall
Straw Strength:Moderate
Seeding Rate:Normal
Fall Cover:Good
Winter Survival:Very Good
Head and Grain
Seed Size:Medium large
Test Weight:Good
Chaff Color:White
9 = Poor
8 = Fair to Poor
7 = Fair
6 = Fair to Good
5 = Good
4 = Very Good to Good
3 = Very Good
2 = Very Good to excellent
1 = Excellent
9 = Latest
1 = Earliest
9 = Tallest
1 = Shortest
Protein Content:
9 = Lowest
1 = Highest

These agronomic assessments are made by Syngenta scientists and reflect each variety's relative performance within these characteristics prior to and during the 2011 crop year. Specific conditions may cause variations within those characteristics. These relative protection values are based on current pest and disease populations. These have been known to shift periodically and may cause changes in specific evaluations. Resistance to many other diseases and pests is sensitive to environmental conditions, plant development stages and the presence and intensity of other diseases which may result in specific evaluation inconsistencies. This chart is updated annually to reflect the most current trends.

PVPA 1994-Unauthorized propagation prohibited. Plant variety protection granted or applied for Syngenta cereals varieties.