Locally Grown

AgriPro Associate Network

Farmers across the country depend on AgriPro Associates for seed, expert local support and service. This team of professional seedsmen grows, conditions and distributes certified AgriPro varieties, along with providing expert local knowledge in management and environment. 

AgriPro wheat varieties are sold only by variety name, as a class of certified seed.

Supporting the AgriPro Associates are regional product development teams—wheat breeders and business managers.

AgriPro regional business managers connect Associates with the developing research, testing and industry information they need, as well as provide business, marketing and sales support. Business managers also serve as the link between growers, Associates and breeders, sharing field-level performance information. 


Certified Seed

University trials consistently show that certified seed out-performs “bin run” seed, resulting in greater financial return. The blue certified seed tag on each bag is your assurance that the wheat seed meets or exceeds the strict standards of state certification boards.

Why to choose certified seed (pdf).

Wheat: A Decade in the Making

Wheat breeding is a numbers game. The new varieties introduced each year – the ones that help overcome regional challenges or improve quality or increase yield potential—all start somewhere, and that’s as one of thousands of potential wheat lines often more than a decade earlier. Our Wheat Breeding Infographic provides an overview of the typical path taken by new winter wheat varieties en route to commercial release.