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AgriPro Brand Hybrid Spring Wheat

A New Era for Wheat Production

Hybrid Seed ProductionAfter more than 12 years of research and development, the AgriPro® brand is the first to bring commercial hybrid wheat seed and all of its benefits to farmers, starting with spring wheat in the Northern Plains region.

Hybrid wheat is set to revolutionize high-value wheat production by increasing yield potential and consistency, advancing agronomics, reducing risk, and improving grower ROI.

Tech Sheet Download:
AgriPro HY141—Hybrid Hard Red Spring Wheat

Hybrid Seed Production

The AgriPro Hybrid Wheat Production System is a breakthrough solution in wheat production that utilizes genetically sterile female plants grown in a whole-field scenario with male pollinator plants to maximize efficiency and deliver F1 genetics at a price point designed to boost grower ROI.

Selection of the right genetics—male and female —is key to achieving superior performance of the F1 and efficient seed production. The vast archive of AgriPro germplasm and molecular markers enables the process of identifying potential parent lines with the key traits.

Farmers in the Northern Plains will be the first to experience the advantages of AgriPro brand hybrid wheat. Seed is available for planting spring 2023—call your local AgriPro Associate to book seed.

Farmer Benefits

Increased yield consistency field-to-field and year-over-year, yield increases from heterosis, reduced seeding rate, and industry-leading genetics combine to significantly improve farm profitability potential and reduce risk.

Hybrid Wheat On-Farm Advantages

  • Increased yield potentialGreen Hybrid Wheat Field
  • Heterosis/hybrid vigor
  • Yield consistency
    • Field to field
    • Year over year
  • Lower seeding rate—80% of normal
  • Enhanced agronomics
  • Enhanced weed competition
  • Lowered risk
  • Increased ROI
  • Enhanced end-use quality
  • Convenient—manage similar to high value variety production
  • Hybrid Seed Stewardship Agreement
  • Non-GMO

Where to Buy AgriPro Brand Hybrid Wheat Seed

AgriPro Associates are leading the way in the hybrid wheat revolution. They grow and condition AgriPro Hybrid seed. Call today!

AgriPro Hybrid Wheat Associates

North Dakota

  • Sam Ongstad (701) 341-2935Maturing Hybrid Wheat Field
  • Birdsall Grain & Seed (701) 453-3300
  • Hankey Farm (701) 284-6176
  • Hefty/Pinnacle Seed (701) 756-7333
  • Noeske Seed Farm (701) 845-1300
  • Stein Seed Co. (701) 322-4350


  • Capistran Seed (218) 891-7840
  • Petermann Seeds. (218) 483-3302

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the AgriPro Hybrid Wheat Brochure

Seeding Rate—80% of Normal

Seeding more acres per seed fill up and higher ROI are advantages of a reduced seeding rate. AgriPro® Hybrids are tested and selected at reduced seeding rates due to hybrid vigor. AgriPro Associates, or your AgriPro Hybrid Retailer, are your best source of information on seeding rates for your area, but expect a seeding rate of 80% of normal.

Use Normal Grain Marketing Channels

No special contracts or grain restrictions required—your grain crop can be marketed in all of the same channels that you use for varietal wheat.

Crop Management

Other than reduced seeding rates, AgriPro Hybrids should be managed with similar inputs to high-performing varietal wheat. Keys to success will include crop rotation, even stands, seed treatment, fertility based on soil tests and yield expectations, weed control and fungicide applications. Talk with your crop consultant and Syngenta Crop Protection retailer about agronomic input recommendations for high yield wheat.   

Is AgriPro Hybrid Wheat a GMO crop?

No. AgriPro Hybrids leverage our leading germplasm to deliver a technologically-superior crop, rooted in nature. Seed is produced using traditional wheat breeding tools and techniques.

Hybrid Seed Stewardship Agreement Required—No Saved Seed

Planting the grain from an F1 Hybrid as seed for the next crop  could lead to significant yield loss in that crop. The Resulting F2 will be genetically inconsistent, including sterile plants, and will lack the hybrid vigor gained with the F1 Hybrid. To prevent yield loss, growing AgriPro Hybrid Wheat requires a Hybrid Seed Stewardship Agreement, which includes no “saved seed.” Ask your AgriPro Hybrid seed Associate or dealer for the Agreement.

Where is AgriPro Hybrid Seed Grown?

AgriPro Hybrid seed is grown by AgriPro Hybrid Wheat Associates in the same region where it will be planted by farmers. AgriPro Associates are professional seedsmen, with years of experience in growing, conditioning and handling seed crops.