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Certified seed and the Plant Variety Protection Act

Certified seed is seed that meets specific variety standards and has passed an inspection and seed-quality testing process regulated by government agencies. Many wheat growers purchase certified seed for planting and then save harvested grain for two or more consecutive years before buying fresh seed. However, the further removed saved seed is from the original certified seed variety, the greater the risk becomes of varietal impurity, poor seed germination, diseased seed and the occurrence of volunteer crops and weeds.

Planting certified seed ensures that growers are getting the full genetic benefits of the varieties they choose, maximizing potential yield, quality and test weight. AgriPro® wheat seed is certified and protected by the Title V Plant Variety Protection Act, which prohibits growers and producers from offering or selling wheat seed without permission.

Purchasing certified seed guarantees you get the best seed product possible

  • All AgriPro varieties are sold by variety name as a class of certified seed
  • AgriPro varieties are the culmination of years of research and testing to provide the best possible combination of yield, disease resistance, standability and grain quality
  • They are field inspected and lab tested to meet state seed certification standards
  • Buying AgriPro seed from an AgriPro Associate ensures you are buying the highest quality seed available

Benefits of the Title V Plant Variety Protection Act:

  • Encourages development of novel wheat varieties
  • Ensures better agronomic wheat varieties for producers
  • Provides genetically pure varieties to the producer through the use of certified seed
  • Ensures ongoing wheat variety development by public and private plant breeders
  • Grants developers patent-like protection from the sale of protected varieties
  • Promotes agriculture progress in the public interest