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AAC Synergy

Spring Malt Barley

AP Murdock

Yield Muscle and Straw Strength


Good Protein with Early Maturity

SY 611 CL2

High Yields with Herbicide Tolerance

SY Ingmar

Top Choice for Economic Return

SY Longmire

Solid Stem Built to Yield

SY McCloud

Advancing Economic Return

SY Rockford

Rock Solid Returns in the West

SY Rowyn

High Yields with Excellent FHB Tolerance

SY Soren

Stands Strong for Maximum Returns

SY Valda

The Yield Warrior

SY605 CL / Northern Plains

High Performance and Disease Tolerance

AP503 CL2

Proven Two-Gene Performer

SY Monument

Disease and Drought Tolerance

SY Monument—Montana

Disease and Drought Tolerance

SY Sunrise*

Wake Up to a New Yield Level

SY Wolf

The Heavy Residue Champion

SY Wolverine

Tenacious Yielder Across the Plains